Building Confidence in ERP Solutions

Six out of ten existing SAP customer would not buy the same solution again. This is the headline quote from a recent analysis of SAP’s customers by Nucleus Research.


The report asked a range of businesses their thoughts on SAP products, services and overall customer satisfaction.  In this blog, we take a look at the main findings of the report.

ResearchImportance of delivering customer experience excellence

One of the major issues raised through the report was customers having a poor experience throughout their SAP journey. These issues were particularly pronounced with SAP’s ERP software.

Implementing any large-scale enterprise software is a huge undertaking, and issues will always be raised during the implementation process. The focus here is on the vendor adequately managing the customers’ expectations and ensuring they are able to deliver exactly what has been promised and quickly respond to any problems or queries raised by the customer.

At LINKFRESH we understand the fresh food industry implicitly; all of our consultants have worked within food businesses. This helps in a number of ways; firstly it means we are able to “speak the language of the food industry”. Secondly, it means that we understand first-hand the challenges that our customers face and, more importantly, we understand how to resolve those challenges with best practice consultancy.  This industry knowledge has helped us to develop our LINKFRESH ERP solution to deliver the key functionality required to meet and resolve those challenges head on.  Our knowledge of food industry processes and procedures means that we can deploy the ERP software to deliver the most value to the customer by delivering gains in efficiency, productivity and cost savings.

The need for strong communication of a clear product roadmap and upgrade paths

Another major issue identified in the Nucleus Research was the so-called “clunkiness” of SAP’s ERP software solution and a fear of upgrading. The fear of the upgrade is vital to combat, as it risks businesses being left behind technologically and missing out on the massive benefits best-in-class ERP software can bring to your business.

At LINKFRESH ERP we ensure that we are consistently providing a clear product roadmap to our customers. We are agile and are quickly able to incorporate key new functionality into our software in response to either customer demands or industry demands.  This could include new legislative or regulatory requirements, or something one of the major retailers may be requesting for their suppliers.  Our software is designed specifically for the food industry meaning that a high percentage of the niche industry specific requirements are already catered for out of the box.  This will dramatically reduce, or even eliminate, the amount of customisation a customer solution may need to ensure that it fits their business needs perfectly.

Constantly listening to our clients and getting feedback from them, while paying close attention to the needs of the overall market, allows us to develop and communicate a clear product roadmap. It also allows us to prioritise our investments on providing the vital solutions that will drive the future growth of your business – Driving Growth Through ERP.  Keeping customisations to a minimum for our customers also means that the upgrade process is easier and more efficient.

Handling and overcoming implementation challenges

Installing ERP software is a complex process which is always going to throw up challenges. The Nucleus Research findings on SAP really highlighted just how much these challenges impact client opinion, with the majority of SAP ERP users stating they didn’t want to make changes and would be reluctant to undertake the implementation process again.

At LINKFRESH we have a 7-stage implementation process based on the Microsoft Sure Step methodology which has been developed specifically for Microsoft Dynamics implementations. This, combined with best practices for project control and change management and the experience of 15 years of successful Dynamics implementations, provides a tried and trusted path from initial proposal through to live operation and support.

We also ensure we take the time to get to know our customers’ operations inside-out and plan for potential implementation problems before they arrive. Ensuring our staff are experts in their field is the first step to ensuring a painless implementation of your ERP software.

On the rare occasion something does go wrong, our expert staff are on hand to resolve your issues as soon as possible. Transparency is key, and we work closely with all of our partners to ensure a pain-free transition to ERP.


This analysis did a great job of highlighting the problems businesses have with ERP software. However, we also know that these issues can be resolved by taking some simple steps.

By combining our vast industry experience with an acute awareness of potential pitfalls and a commitment to investing to ensure we remain at the cutting-edge of the industry, we strive to offer an ERP solution in which you can enjoy full confidence.

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