Fruit World interviews Richard Jones

Last week, Fruit World interviewed our chief technology officer, Richard Jones about the potential of big data for the fresh produce industry.

Discussion centred on how gathering and using real-time and historic data can increase efficiencies significantly for businesses, with Richard highlighting the demand for accessibility of data on iPads, smartphones and indeed wearable technology.

Below are other key takeaways to consider.

  • We have recently added a large data tool set to our software, enabling interaction with external data such as population figures which can be useful, for example, if a user is planning to build a new pack house or supermarket but is unsure on the best location. This type of facility will help users make business decisions more easily and wisely.


  • A key focus for LINKFRESH is the use of OData (Open Data Protocol), which combines data from many different sources and provides a query language for use with external data sources. When it comes to farming operations, this can be used to query weather and soil information, pack house customers can look into buying patterns and trends, and it can also help with queries on how to manufacture new products that will meet supermarket specifications.


  • With costs of labour and sourcing materials increasing, having this data readily available is invaluable to customers, as it can help the supply chain run more efficiently. Also, being able to retrieve it from mobile devices means users can deal with any problems much quicker, thus improving the quality of running operations and ultimately, produce.


For more insights into the future of data for the industry, have a listen to the full interview with Fruit World below:

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