Is your business ready for the Great British health boom?

A research team from University College London has suggested we should up our fruit and vegetable intake to seven or more portions a day.

As a nation we are becoming much more health conscious and many people are following guidelines on cutting sugar intake and upping our fruit and vegetable consumption. If the government was to recommend we increase the amount to fruit and vegetables we eat to seven portions, how would this impact the fresh produce supply chain?

Let’s look at the potential figures:

  • There are 26.4million households in the UK and the average household consumes four portions of fruit and veg a day. This equals 105.6million pieces of fruit and veg
  • If each household was to increase its consumption by just two portions (to six) there would be a 50% increase in demand on current supply levels
  • So on average, as a nation we could consume 158.4million pieces of fruit and veg a day – that’s a daily increase of 52.8million portions!


Fresh produce growers and suppliers need to be certain that their supply chain has the capability to cope with the potential growth in demand.

This means insight into every stage of the process is essential. Using an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution, like LINKFRESH, will provide real time insight into every stage of the supply chain, from the field, to production, distribution, marketing and point of sale.

So my question to fresh produce growers, packers and shippers would be… is your business and supply chain ready for the Great British health boom? If not, it’s time to start looking at the tools you can use which will ensure you have the capability to be ahead of the game when demand levels rise.

For more information on how LINKFRESH aids the fresh produce industry click here.

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