LINKFRESH Software Release Advisory

LINKFRESH (6.10) for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

LINKFRESH has issued a New Software Release Advisory for its LINKFRESH ERP solution on the Microsoft Dynamics NAV platform.

Available from 01 September, 2017, this latest release of LINKFRESH (6.10) for Microsoft Dynamics NAV includes the following new features and enhancements: –

  • Grower Pooling (Consignment Trading) – A new addition to the LINKFRESH Consignment Trading engine is the ability to create and manage commodities from various Growers in a shared Grower Co-operative and Grower Pools. Grower Pools are managed for a single common fresh produce commodity that are typically washed, graded and sorted for use in Intermediate or Finished goods product lines. Any and all cost, income and rebate values are then accumulated by the LINKFRESH Consignment Trading Engine. Overall performance for the Grower Pool as a whole is shared out across all applicable Pool Members, not just a single Consignment. A grower Pool can span a typical product season, or a chosen trading period.


  • A number of Grower Pooling housekeeping tools have been created in order to help facilitate the management and processing of a Grower Pool. These range from Consignment/Pool Charge Managements which provide the users the ability to add or remove additional charges to cover costs that may have been attributed to a Pool during its lifecycle, as well as providing a means to adjust up/down any values in order to correspond to any increases/decreases on a Pool’s performance.


  • This functionality has been enhanced further with a suite of “out-of-the-box” reports and reporting tools, including a Grade-out Performance report, and a Consignment Pool Charging report. In addition to these reports, a Grower Pool Reconciliation tool is also included. This features filtering algorithms in order to present a single screen view on a Grower Pool’s performance; ranging from the overall grading performance, any attributed costs, income and rebates, either for the Pool as a whole, or for a single Consignment, Grower or Grower Block.


  • Delivered Pricing (Advanced Pricing) – Fruit prices (fob price) are market driven and change from day to day, fluctuating in the period from when the order is taken and when it is invoiced. LINKFRESH Delivered Pricing provides the ability to build up a portfolio of applicable Sales Charges to form a picture of realised costs relevant to the process of selling, so that these charges can then be passed onto the Customer. Charges can be configured based on a Customer and Item combination, and can be reviewed and altered prior to Sales Invoicing. For reference purposes; Pricing is represented as a “Delivered Price”, and is a combination of the standard “Unit Price” and the calculated unit prices for any and all associated “Sales Charges”.


  • Also new for this release is Production Yield Management for LINKFRESH Operations. This provides the ability to “train” LINKFRESH in understanding a typical production yield for any given consumed values for a Production run. For example, if 1000 kilograms of a raw material item is going through a Grading process, what is the typical expected output going to be, including any wastage? Configuring these Yield calculations will assist in reducing any clerical errors, e.g. the premature closing off of Production Orders.


  • Finally, this new release includes over 250 enhancements to streamline and improve LINKFRESH usability and performance particularly within key system areas such as Consignments, Production Operations, Notice of Complaints and Logistics to name a few. Some of these optimisations help increase the overall performance and integrity of the LINKFRESH solution, while others are focused on the user experience, e.g. presenting more information for users on a single screen, reducing button clicks and providing a more streamlined work flow.


For more information on the features and enhancements included in this release please contact us.


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