New Enhancements For LINKFRESH ERP

There’s a raft of new enhancements for LINKFRESH ERP which we are extremely excited to be able to unveil. The changes which we have implemented enhance the capability of LINKFRESH ERP, ensuring it offers cutting-edge solutions for our supply chain clients in the fresh food industry.

New developments mean that our software now offers a host of new additions including a catch weight feature, case management feature, the incorporation of a global trade item number (GTIN) and archiving enhancements.

These new additions are compatible with LINKFRESH ERP on the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Platform and also offer functionality across mobile platforms.

Speaking about what these new enhancements mean for those working in the fresh food supply chain, Robert Frost, CEO of LINKFRESH said:

“The new improvements we are incorporating into our software will make a big difference for suppliers, allowing them to manage their supply processes more accurately and precisely whilst also gaining greater visibility across the supply chain process.

“In wake of the recent controversy surrounding Cow & Gate baby food, questions are being asked about how supply chain processes can be improved. Through our new offering, LINKFRESH can help suppliers improve traceability and efficiency simultaneously, reducing the capacity for human error and ensuring that any supply side issues which do occur can be quickly traced to their source.”

So what do these new software improvement look like if we break them down into their constituent parts? Below we’ve outlined the changes.

Enhancements for LINKFRESH ERP – what’s new?

  • Our innovative new catch weight capability allows operators to use ERP to measure their produce in both a base and secondary measure. For example, produce can be managed across the supply chain and invoiced in kilograms or pieces. This creates both a primary and secondary invoice ledger and offers far greater versatility for suppliers.


  • Innovation in pallet management has led to the creation of case management, an enhancement which allows for individual cases to be managed through LINKFRESH ERP software. This new attribute means that specific case alterations can be instructed through the software, for example taking part of one existing case and adding it to another, an attribute which enables us to offer a level of micro-management not possible under a simple pallet management system.


  • The incorporation of GTINs into the latest LINKFRESH software allows for material in the supply chain to be allocated both an internal reference number and a universally recognised GTIN. This enhances the traceability of materials in the supply chain by giving them a unique reference number which can be quickly and easily recognised by primary manufacturers, suppliers and retailers. Adopting this universal traceability feature allows LINKFRESH ERP to streamline workflow and improve communication in the supply chain between parties, ensuring transparency at every stage of the supply chain from farm to fork.


  • The new archiving capability introduced into our latest software allows for a cleaner, less cluttered approach to supply chain management, removing unnecessary information from view quickly and easily.


So overall, there are a lot of exciting new developments which have been incorporated into our latest software. These are changes which we believe will greatly enhance user experience and ensure that our software remains at the forefront of its field – giving specialists in the supply chain the tools they need to maximise efficiency and traceability.

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