A Fresh Upgrade


How a successful LINKFRESH Upgrade Project optimised operations at Winfresh UK


The Brief

LINKFRESH initially implemented its LINKFRESH ERP (Version 2) software for Winfresh in 2008, when the solution was deployed on the Microsoft Dynamics NAV (5.0 SP1) platform.

Winfresh expressed a desire to update their existing system to the latest version of both Microsoft Dynamics NAV & LINKFRESH, namely Dynamics NAV 2015 and LINKFRESH Version 5.0.

Winfresh chose to upgrade because:

  • There were compatibility issues with their existing Dynamics NAV system and Windows 10.
  • The latest version of LINKFRESH ERP has state-of-the-art industry specific functionality out of the box, reducing the need for bespoke development and add-ons.
  • There was an opportunity to refine and optimise internal operational processes to match the industry best practice processes provided by the LINKFRESH software.


The Solution

The upgrade process is two-phase; including an upgrade assessment and the upgrade itself.  The upgrade assessment phase includes:

  • Gap Fit Analysis
  • Evaluating Existing Pain Points
  • Defining, Capturing & Measuring the Benefits
  • Infrastructure Review
  • Evaluation of Current Configuration & Customisation
  • Object & Data Analysis
  • Assessment of training needs
  • Data migration & training


The findings of the Upgrade Assessment were documented in an easy to understand report format and presented to Winfresh, along with recommendations on how the upgrade should be undertaken to ensure smooth implementation.

Evaluating the current solution configuration and deployed customisations is a critical part of the process. Both bespoke development added as part of the original implementation and those added after the system went live were evaluated.

They are categorised as follows:

  • Customisations which are currently in use, but are now included as standard functionality within the LINKFRESH solution – these customisations are not required to be carried forward.
  • Customisations which are not in use – these customisations are not required to be carried forward.
  • Customisations which are in use, and not a standard feature of the LINKFRESH solution – these customisations will be carried forward and implemented in the new solution.


The process took ten months from initial consultation to completing implementation. The client had regular contact with a dedicated project manager and consultant to make sure the project stayed on deadline and on budget. Disruptions were quickly overcome to ensure a smooth transition.

Speaking about the upgrade process, Stephen Wood, Operations Accounts Controller at Winfresh said,

“Initially, I was very apprehensive about undertaking the upgrade project. I was new to project management. Happily, I can say that I immensely enjoyed the whole experience, the process and the actual upgrade itself. The professionalism and expert project management support from LINKFRESH, coupled with a well-structured and comprehensive upgrade process, particularly the upgrade assessment piece, was hugely beneficial to me in ensuring a successful project which was delivered on time.”

The Business Benefits

The high level benefits for Winfresh are:

  • Faster, improved user interface
  • Improved operational effectiveness – Time to prepare and reconcile weekly sales report has been reduced from 4 hours to 1 hour since upgrading.
  • Improved operational efficiency through using standard functionality.
  • Improved reporting – extremely accurate finance data due to use of LINKFRESH’s new consignment engine with reporting via LINKFRESH integration with Jet Reports. Accuracy is at 99%.
    Improved process management
  • Greater process visibility
  • Greater system security


The operational benefits for Winfresh will be:

  • State of the art software fully supported by Microsoft
  • The Bulk Usage Report will be superseded by Consignment functionality, providing full detail of consignment profitability at the press of a button
  • Removal of the need to create and manage unnecessary spreadsheets
  • Compatibility between the latest operating system (Windows 10) and the current version of NAV
  • A more robust and secure system
  • A simplified solution – 70% of customisations have been removed from the solution as a result of the upgrade. These requirements have now been met by standard LINKFRESH functionality.


The Future

Winfresh now have a LINKFRESH solution, based on futureproofed technologies, to adapt and grow with their business.

Stephen Wood has the following advice for customers thinking about upgrading.

“Keep the project simple and use standard LINKFRESH functionality wherever possible. The LINKFRESH Upgrade Assessment will identify these areas for you. Use the upgrade process as an opportunity to assess and adapt your business processes to match the standard industry best practices already incorporated in the LINKFRESH solution.“



Winfresh Logo

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The Windward Islands consists of the four independent territories of:

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Winfresh’s head office is in Essex, UK, near Stansted Airport.

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“…a successful project which was delivered on time.”

Stephen Wood
Operations Accounts Controller at Winfresh