LINKFRESH Virtual Product Tour – Traceability

Tuesday 15th September 2020

Spend an hour with LINKFRESH and find out why the world’s best fresh produce organizations are selecting LINKFRESH 365.

With complex and often fragmented supply chains something all fresh produce businesses must deal with, accurate tracking and tracing is more important than ever.

During this 60-minute demonstration you’ll see:

  • FRESH knowledge: Hear from our industry experts on why LINKFRESH 365 is the pick of the bunch compared to standard ERP.
  • FRESH challenges: We will dive deeper into the challenges around Traceability and show you how LINKFRESH 365 has been designed to meet these head on.
  • FRESH ERP: See a demonstration of the LINKFRESH 365 software.
  • Future FRESH: You will learn about Dynamics 365 platform options and innovative technologies to help your fresh produce business compete now and in the future.

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