X-Talks Webinar: The Benefits of Traceability & Blockchain Technology for the Food Industry

June 24, 2020

When it comes to the food industry, traceability is a big issue. Meeting traceability requirements is challenging; each product has to be accounted for and trackable, which takes time, money and resources.

With the right tools, businesses can make sure traceability is done properly and achieve compliance without the associated headaches.

This webinar will explore how technology can support producer-to-retailer traceability, including GS1 standards, GTIN adoption and PTI compliance. It will also look at the part Blockchain traceability plays in enabling food producers to securely share their traceability data throughout the supply chain.

BLOCKCHAIN traceability is all about verifying provenance and ensuring the verification cannot be tampered with. The webinar will explore its prime use in ‘our world’ of food supply chain tracking.  Other surprising benefits provided by effectively utilising traceability data will also be explored in this presentation.

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