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Only ERP can deliver the kinds of savings fresh produce companies need to grow or maintain profits in tough market conditions. But after a number of high profile disasters over the years, myths and misconceptions have built up about ERP, which need to be challenged. Read More
Fresh ERP – What is it, and why wont traditional ERP solutions work in the Fresh Produce Industry? Having a planning system that works on week numbers is ‘neither use nor ornament’. You need a system that captures data in ‘real time’ as your fresh produce business lives and operates in ‘real time’. Read More
There is a tectonic shift about to hit to FRESH ERP marketplace.   Microsoft is entering the marketplace, bringing its massive technology stack, and massive R&D investment into the world of ‘digital agriculture’. Why does this matter? Read More
Fresh Pressures. The Fresh Produce sector is facing challenging times, with reducing prices, increasing costs, scarcer resources and increased legislation. We take a look the industry issues keeping you awake at night. Read More
If you are here, you probably already know ERP stands for ‘Enterprise Resource Planning’, but that doesn’t quite explain what ERP does. ERP can be difficult to define, so LINKFRESH have created this handy infographic to help you understand the concept of ERP and the main benefits ERP can bring to your business. Read More
ERP software has the potential to transform your supply chain, helping your food production company become even more lean and efficient. Read More
Based on its recent analysis of the food safety software market, Frost & Sullivan recognizes LINKFRESH, Inc. with the 2016 North American Frost & Sullivan Award for Technology Leadership. Read More
The key to painless growth is in strategic growth. Just a few small changes in your operations can lead to efficiencies which allow for growth. Here are seven ways to keep your business blooming with an ERP business solution from Microsoft Dynamics. Read More
Video blog with Richard Jones, Chief Technology Officer at LINKFRESH ERP, discussing the recent food recall at Mars after plastic was found in a chocolate bar. Read More
This new paper by LINKFRESH ERP looks at how ERP can help prepare and grow your food production business taking advantage of future developments in technology. Read More
Thinking about using LINKFRESH for your food supply chain operations? Learn more about our implementation process, based on Microsoft’s Sure Step methodology. Read More