Newmafruit – Major UK Top Fruit Operation Selects LINKFRESH

Newmafruit, one of the UK’s largest top fruit operations, has selected LINKFRESH ERP. The 30+ user, fully integrated, Microsoft Dynamics LINKFRESH solution will streamline the entire operation, replacing manual and paper-based processes, improving data accuracy, reducing labour, improving stock management and pack-house performance, as well as providing real-time business reporting and end to end traceability data. Read More

LINKFRESH Enters Expansion Mode

LINKFRESH is rolling out various new solutions as part of a major expansion of the business into the corporate world of fresh produce. LINKFRESH CEO, Andy Makeham, talks to Produce Business UK about how LINKFRESH’s latest Microsoft-based tools can help fresh produce businesses to better control their costs and remain competitive. Read More

Another Large D365 Customer for LINKFRESH

LINKFRESH has signed a large order for LINKFRESH D365 (in the cloud) in North America. The implementation will be handled locally by one of our US partners, and the project is anticipated to last 36 months. Read More


LINKFRESH announces a further contract to supply its LINKFRESH ERP solution to one of the UK’s largest fresh produce companies; Gomez. Read More
LINKFRESH ERP food supply chain traceability solutions

Continued Investment in US Growth at LINKFRESH

LINKFRESH Inc. announced the appointment of Lisa Padilla as Director of Business Development, as investment in US growth continues Read More
LINKFRESH - Certified for Microsoft Dynamics ERP Solutions

Iceland Manufacturing Limited Update ERP Solution with LINKFRESH

Iceland Manufacturing Limited (IML), one of the UK’s major frozen food producers, will update its ERP systems with LINKFRESH. Manchester based IML exclusively manufacture frozen ready meals, soups and sauces for the Slimming World brand. Read More
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UK’s Largest Christmas Tree Supplier Selects LINKFRESH

Needlefresh, one of the UK’s largest suppliers of Christmas Trees, has selected LINKFRESH as the company’s new ERP platform. Read More

Westfalia Starts Pilot for Global LINKFRESH Deployment

Westfalia, one of the world’s largest producers of Avocados, has selected LINKFRESH AX for its Farming and Fresh Produce functionality, after an extensive search for solutions. Read More

Nu Customer for LINKFRESH in South Africa

Nu Leaf, a specialist supplier of sub-tropical fruits and cut flowers to the major retailers in South Africa, has selected LINKFRESH as their chosen ERP platform. Read More
Certified for Microsoft Dynamics ERP Solutions

LINKFRESH 365 Approved for Microsoft AppSource Marketplace

Microsoft Dynamics based LINKFRESH 365 suite, for the Fresh Produce and Agricultural sectors, is now available on the Microsoft AppSource Marketplace. Read More
LINKFRESH - Certified for Microsoft Dynamics ERP Solutions

LINKFRESH Announces New RAPID Deployment Methodology

LINKFRESH RAPID Deployment Methodology will allow customers to gain the benefits of a fully integrated Fresh Food ERP solution twice as quickly as the industry ‘norm’. Immediately available, the new methodology is based on a pre-configured solution tailored for Fresh Food Operations, and will allow customers to adopt ‘industry best practice’ for a considerably reduced cost. Read More
LINKFRESH ERP food supply chain traceability solutions

LINKFRESH is Fully Certified for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017

Need proof before you buy a new solution? Choosing a solution that’s Certified for Microsoft Dynamics will give you the proof you need. LINKFRESH has earned the Certified for Microsoft Dynamics accreditation for NAV 2017. Read More