Braintree Partners With LINKFRESH

We’re delighted to announce that Braintree has entered into a new partnership with LINKFRESH.

The new partnership will deliver LINKFRESH ERP software built on the Microsoft Dynamics platform, with an application specifically designed for companies who work in the fresh food supply chain in Africa.

This partnership provides Braintree with a vertical software solution for fresh produce, protein and egg producers. For fresh food supply chain producers LINKFRESH ERP ensures real-time awareness of resource planning, quality control, supply chain, traceability, food safety and compliance. LINKFRESH will ensure a mobile and paperless environment in industries such as fruit and vegetables, beef, lamb, poultry, pork and seafood operations.

Strong emphasis is placed on quality, safety, compliance and cost savings. For egg producers as an example, it caters for feed and flock management, grading, egg printing and breakage. Braintree together with LINKFRESH offers the flexibility and adaptability according to the special and individual needs of customer operations.

With immediate effect the LINKFRESH partnership enables Braintree to distribute LINKFRESH in South Africa as well as countries in Africa as a whole. Braintree already has extensive and long-lasting relationships with both retail and the food and beverage industries and LINKFRESH will increase the software offering to fresh food producers.


The fresh food industry in South Africa is growing and producers require best practice processes and standardisation to compete both locally and internationally. Neville Levinthal, head of business development at Braintree said that LINKFRESH ERP was a proven best-of-breed application and the ideal enabler to meet the firm’s customers’ requirements.

Mark Willis, LINKFRESH Software Limited partner and account manager, commented: “LINKFRESH are very excited about our new partnership with Braintree providing an opportunity to expand the use of our award winning software into Africa. Working in cooperation with Braintree and utilising their proven delivery capability, we look forward to introducing many more, happy fresh food customers in this globally important region for food production, to the advantages of LINKFRESH ERP.”

With the future development and growth of the partnership, Braintree will offer the highest standard of ongoing support and customisation to its customers in both South Africa and the rest of the Africa. Modern-day customers are becoming more selective and aware of high-quality fresh produce and with a solution such as LINKFRESH, the fresh produce sector can optimise operational practices and deliver products of the highest quality to buyers and consumers.

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