Latest release of LINKFRESH ERP for Microsoft Dynamics AX showcases Advanced Warehousing and Transportation Management

LINKFRESH, a leading provider of supply chain ERP solutions designed specifically for the fresh food industry, has announced a new release of the LINKFRESH ERP solution for Microsoft Dynamics AX.

This latest update moves the LINKFRESH ERP solution onto the latest R3 release of Microsoft Dynamics AX.  Users will now have access to the latest enhancements recently added to the Microsoft Dynamics AX platform as well as new and enhanced LINKFRESH functionality specifically for users in the fresh food industry.

Nikki Scarr, Chief Operation Officer for LINKFRESH said “This release includes some impressive enhancements to the LINKFRESH ERP solution, and represents a fantastic showcase of joint collaboration between LINKFRESH and Microsoft via the Microsoft Global Independent Software Vendor Program which LINKFRESH joined in 2013.”

“LINKFRESH has built out some important new functionality that helps customers in the fresh food business operate with the efficiencies that have in the past been the exclusive purview of other industries,” said Joshua Greenbaum, principal, Enterprise Applications Consulting, Berkeley, CA. “These new functions also highlight the importance of basing the LINKFRESH offering on Microsoft Dynamics AX and the partnership the two companies have been able to establish.”


In summary, the latest release of LINKFRESH ERP includes the following new or enhanced features:

LINKFRESH for Microsoft Dynamics AX Product Map Inforgram Thumbnail

LINKFRESH for Microsoft Dynamics AX Product Map Infogram – Click to download

The introduction of LINKFRESH Advanced Mobile Warehousing for warehouse operations.  This includes an advanced feature rich user interface for semi-autonomous warehouse operations, working seamlessly with the new Microsoft Dynamics AX warehouse management features.

The introduction of LINKFRESH Advanced Quality Control. This includes Mobile QC, providing for real time electronic capture of shop floor data and critical quality information, on Windows, iOS & android tablet devices.

The new LINKFRESH ERP suite includes the expansion of LINKFRESH Third Party Services including the integrated ‘Trader / Service Provider’ functionality.  This functionality permits an enterprise to support shared warehousing and shared production facilities, spanning multiple legal entities, in a seamless manner.  This includes mechanisms to accrue for the costs and revenue associated with the services, and to post invoices relating to the services provided or received for those operations.

This represents a major benefit for companies who operate one entity as a third party service provider to companies both inside and outside of their organisation.  The benefits include; promoting more efficient operations by reducing double keying of data, reducing data errors, and maximising the visibility of operational and financial information throughout the enterprise.

Finally, the new release of LINKFRESH ERP provides full support for the enhancements that were recently launched in the Microsoft Dynamics AX R3 platform.  This includes integration of all the new warehousing features and a major update of the LINKFRESH Advanced Transportation Management facility to provide complete integration to the underlying AX transportation management functions.

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