Lincolnshire Field Products Freshens Up Its LINKFRESH Solution

Thursday, 6th June, 2019, Cambridge, UK; LINKFRESH, the leading global provider of supply chain solutions for the fresh produce industry, has announced that one of its oldest customers, Spalding based Lincolnshire Field Products (LFP), has completed a full business wide solution upgrade of its LINKFRESH software.

Lincolnshire field products logoLFP first implemented the LINKFRESH solution in 2006. Since that time, as the company’s organisational structure and business and industry requirements have changed, the LINKFRESH solution was adapted and modified to meet the needs of the business. However, in partnership with LINKFRESH, LFP undertook a full functionality usage analysis across two sites which identified that almost all the legacy bespoke functionality and processes in use at LFP could now be accommodated using the latest “out-of-the-box” standard LINKFRESH functionality.

Richard Spurr, IT Manager at LFP, commented;

“By upgrading our LINKFRESH solution we were able to consolidate all our legacy manual, bespoke and supplementary processes into a single, de-customised, simplified solution, utilising the standard industry best practice functionality provided by LINKFRESH. We have made a significant introduction of the LINKFRESH mobile applications for electronic data capture, replacing paper-based data collection and manual input processes wherever possible. Only two unique legacy modifications were carried forward resulting in a reduction in ongoing system development and maintenance costs.”

LFP users will also enjoy the latest User Interface enhancements designed to simplify tasks, increase user productivity and improve overall solution performance.

The upgrade project was managed by Adrian Grech, Head of Professional Services at LINKFRESH; who also managed the original LFP LINKFRESH deployment in 2006. Adrian comments;

“Being able to move LFP from a highly modified and somewhat fragmented solution to a standard LINKFRESH solution was a real pleasure, and highlights the constant development and investment made in the LINKFRESH solution to ensure that it includes, as standard, the critical functionality needed to meet ever changing industry requirements.”

Business continuity was a priority during the upgrade and LFP were able to remain operational throughout the go-live. Some 500 tonnes of brassicas were shipped in the first week following a seamless cut over to the upgraded solution, maintaining the highest levels of customer service and on time delivery.



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