Date: March 26th, 2019,

LINKFRESH Announces Availability of LINKFRESH 365 Business Central

LINKFRESH, the leading global provider of supply chain software solutions for the fresh produce industry, has announced the availability of the LINKFRESH ERP suite on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. This is the first release of the LINKFRESH ERP software on the new Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central platform.

Available from next month, LINKFRESH 365 Business Central embraces over 200 separate LINKFRESH application updates across the suite including major enhancements in the areas of Touchscreen Operations, Mobile Warehousing, Tablet Quality Control and Gantt Operations

Users of LINKFRESH 365 Business Central, will enjoy an entirely new user experience with many User Interface improvements and optimisations designed to reduce button clicks and improve user productivity. In addition the workspace has been improved to pro-actively display relevant supplementary information to support the task being completed.

LINKFRESH Consignments

Consignment Traceability functionality has been simplified to improve user productivity. The LINKFRESH 365 Business Central Production module has also received a makeover, with many visual enhancements to the workspace, such as toggles for fresh produce attributes.

LINKFRESH 365 Business Central is also configured to ensure UK customers are able to meet the requirements of HMRC “Making Tax Digital” initiative.

Head of Product at LINKFRESH, Ian Morgan, comments, “We are hugely excited for our Dynamics NAV product to now have migrated across into the Dynamics 365 Business Central platform, supporting the very latest productivity improvements that the platform enables. In particular, the ‘game changing’ elements that we are embracing in our Business Central release are the completely re-engineered client application and web based access, the in-built mobile interface designer and the ability to integrate further with all elements of the Microsoft stack.”


LINKFRESH vNEXT Mobile – Warehousing

LINKFRESH 365 Business Central is also released with a new “LINKFRESH vNEXT Mobile” suite for mobile warehousing. LINKFRESH vNEXT mobile supports Windows Mobile, iOS and Android devices. Designed around simple repeatable processes, with ease of use and performance in mind users can complete warehousing tasks such as; Enquiry, Intake & Put-away, Pallet Management, Stock Take, Quick-Picking, Production & Outbound Processing.

LINKFRESH vNEXT Mobile Warehousing solution includes an innovative “Navigation by Scanning” feature, which enables users to navigate around the mobile warehousing functions simply by scanning a barcode; the solution recognizes the barcode origin and displays the relevant start screens. In addition “screen gesture shortcuts” have been added for the most common processes.

“From a LINKFRESH perspective, continues Ian Morgan, “the new Mobile Warehousing application for a modern age brings a step-change in our capabilities to deliver global mobile applications in a way that is faster to deploy, faster to run, easier to support by us and our partner community, and be fully personalised by our customers. Some 75% of all LINKFRESH users access the system from mobile devices, so having a best in class mobile solution is essential. LINKFRESH 365 Business Central is truly the best ERP platform for growing Fresh Produce companies.”

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