LINKFRESH Announces Support for IBM Food Trust BlockChain

16th January, 2019, Cambridge, UK; LINKFRESH, the leading global provider of supply chain solutions for the fresh produce industry, has announced its market leading LINKFRESH365 solution will support integration to IBM’s Food Trust BlockChain platform enabling secure grower-to-retailer traceability.

image for LINKFRESH Blockchain traceablity

The connected food chain

For many years LINKFRESH has supported grower-to-retailer traceability, including GTIN adoption and PTI compliance. This new initiative represents a leap forward enabling LINKFRESH users to securely share their traceability data throughout the fresh produce supply chain.

This means customers now have a secure and indelible way of publishing traceability data to those that need it, through a trusted provider, thus meeting retailer’s evolving requirements for BlockChain traceability.

Andy Makeham, LINKFRESH CEO, said “The market has been shaken by the Walmart announcement that any supplier of leafy greens must adopt IBM Food Trust BlockChain technology, and we are now seeing a number of fresh produce companies actively adopting the solution, and seeking a ‘BlockChain-ready’ FRESH ERP solution. Food safety remains at the top of the agenda, with the Romaine Lettuce withdrawal late last year further fuelling interest in the topic.”

“LINKFRESH is actively involved in the BlockChain movement, and are at the forefront of the dialogue.” Andy Makeham continues, “We are in discussion with our larger customers and their requirements will greatly influence our product development to support BlockChain for the industry. We also sit on the Produce Marketing Association (PMA) ‘BlockChain Task Force’, actively contributing to and learning from the industry dialogue, and that too influences our thinking.”

The LINKFRESH365 solution operates on the Microsoft D365 platform which has Interoperability at its heart, providing the connectivity options required to support other BlockChain providers as these become market ready.

LINKFRESH can deliver BlockChain enabled ERP, today, tomorrow and as it develops in the future.

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