LINKFRESH for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017

– Available from 21st April 2017.

We are pleased to announce a new release of LINKFRESH, the food ERP software solution, for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017.

This latest release takes in all the feature enhancements provided in Microsoft’s latest 2017 software release, as well as some user experience enhancements of our own.

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The power of the LINKFRESH Food ERP Solution – All the fresh produce functionality you need. Click on the image to enlarge.

In Office 365 experience

Stay connected with all the parts of your business.  Dynamics NAV and LINKFRESH work seamlessly with Office 365, which means you can navigate effortlessly between your business data and your Office tools, such as Outlook or Excel.

The improved compatibility enables you to easily create customers, vendors, quotes, and invoices, all without leaving Outlook. There is also improved Word integration, to help you lay out your documents professionally. The seamless experience means that you can save time, increase accuracy, and offer your customers an improved experience.

Enhanced user experience

Continuing the significant improvements to simplicity, productivity, and performance, Dynamics NAV 2017 enhances your experience even further.

You can accomplish even more in your browser-based interface. For example, switch views to see and identify your list of records, including seeing picture thumbnails in different sizes, and use wizards to learn new concepts or simplify data entry. In the Web Client, you can also use popular shortcuts; for example, press Escape to instantly exit a page, or F5 to refresh the latest data in your browser, without fully reloading the page.

Use advanced functionality by following non-intrusive, intelligent, in-application notifications, which guide you through relevant processes according to the context you are working in. These new types of notifications help even untrained users carry out advanced tasks, while the unobtrusive design does not prevent you from carrying on with your work.

Working with Jobs is now more straightforward, helping you manage projects more easily and get more visibility into the details. Set up jobs and enter time sheets using the new Jobs setup wizard and quickly access common tasks, new charts, and a new My Jobs list using the updated Project Manager Role Centre.

Finance enhancements

Work with ready-to-use financial statements and gain accessible insights into the financial performance of your business. The new default Account Schedules means that no set up is required, making it quick and intuitive to produce the financial reports that you need, and point-in-time reporting means you can view the financial state of your business for any given time. Reporting is also made easier with the new Account Categories that provide structure to your chart of accounts.

Payment reconciliation is now much more efficient because you can complete your payment and bank reconciliations in one step, matching all transactions at once, then posting and updating the bank reconciliation at the same time.

Managing your items

Organize and classify your products the way you want, performing advanced searches on your catalogue in just a few clicks and displaying only the information you need. You can create custom item attributes and assign an item attribute value, according to your business needs, helping you manage items or create sales documents.

When you add your attributes and values to an item, you can see them all in a fact box, on both the card and the list. And you can filter your items based on attribute values, making it more efficient to add items to sales and purchase documents and limiting the list of items to choose from or take action on.

Further enhancing navigation and web store integration, you can use categories to group items into a hierarchical structure, defining your own custom categories and assigning attributes to each category. When you add items to a category, the items inherit the attributes of the category, ensuring a common set of attributes on items in the same category, and saving you time.


Make it easier for your customers to pay your invoices online by including hyperlinks to payment services, such as PayPal. Even provide PayPal Standards payment links in invoices, supporting multiple ways of accepting payments, including credit cards and PayPal accounts. You can continue to make use of optical character recognition (OCR), to help you track the items that you get in. Dynamics NAV 2017 now enables you to extract the lines of an invoice and you can visually verify the information, training the OCR system online, using the Lexmark invoice capture service.

Embedded Power BI

Continuing the powerful integration, you can now use embedded Power BI to easily create insightful charts and reports, and then make them available within your user role centres. Keep people informed with easy-to-share reports including key performance indicators (KPIs), inventory, sales and order status.

Process Workflows

You can set up and use workflows that connect business-process tasks performed by different users. System tasks, such as automatic posting, can be included as steps in workflows, preceded or followed by user tasks. Requesting and granting approval to create new records are typical workflow steps.

Enhanced notifications

Receive notifications on important information on a business area you’re working on without any troublesome pop-ups appearing which may hinder/obstruct your current activity.

Enhanced Cues

Use customisable RAG (Red, Amber and Green) status’ on NAV role centre cues. These can be used to provide a visual clue on a business situation, such as the number of unsettled/overdue sales balances, or overdue production jobs, for example.

LINKFESH-farm-to-forkIn addition to the myriad of standard enhancements our LINKFRESH users can take advantage of by using LINKFRESH on NAV 2017, we have also added some of our own specific LINKFRESH enhancements especially for this 2017 release.



Listening to feedback from our customers, the product team recognise that in our fast moving world, our customers don’t have the luxury of daily maintenance windows, and often operate 24/7, so we’ve optimised our solutions accordingly. We have reduced the processing time at the point of transaction posting to improve the end user experience, and we have optimised code to run in the background during the day without impacting other users. This improves the real-time nature of data visibility, and reduces the need for maintenance windows.

User Experience (UX)

Taking feedback from customers and consultants, LINKFRESH has placed the User Experience (UX) firmly in the spotlight for this release. As a result, 40 usability tweaks were added to the 2017 product, across all areas of the LINKFRESH suite, improving key stroke efficiency and overall user experience across the whole product range. In particular, the Notice of Complaint functionality was enhanced to further streamline the product return and customer complaint management capabilities.


Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 brings enhanced integration for accessing your LINKFRESH business data via tablet and phone applications. It is now easier than ever to take LINKFRESH wherever your business needs it to be on any device (with network connectivity, iOS, android or Windows devices).

What Next

To learn about the full power of the LINKFRESH food ERP solution download our LINKFRESH Capability Guide or arrange a discovery call with one of our expert consultants. Call us now and ask to speak to Natasha Foster, or email
UK/Europe – +44 (0)1223 873400
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