Now Shipping: LINKFRESH AX 2016

LINKFRESH, the fresh produce ERP people, are delighted to announce immediate availability of their eagerly anticipated LINKFRESH AX 2016 version for the Microsoft Dynamics AX platform.



The new release includes over 50 enhancements and new features to the fresh food functionality further increasing the reach and power of the LINKFRESH ERP solution.

Head of Product at LINKFRESH, Ian Morgan, explains “LINKFRESH AX 2016 extends upon the very high degree of functional fit for the food industry that has always been a characteristic of the LINKFRESH offering. It delivers a further tranche of industry specific features designed especially for the sector, to give the ‘best ever’ degree of functional fit ‘out of the box’. This minimizes upgrade costs for customers, accelerates implementation times for customers and our partners, and enables the greatest degree of functional flexibility, which is key to this sector.”

One major enhancement for LINKFRESH AX 2016 was the addition of a Turbo Cross-Dock feature. LINKFRESH AX 2016 uses configurable time-based location directives to apply rules to automatically execute stock movement instructions. For example, when raw materials are received into stock, LINKFRESH AX 2016 will look at where and when this inventory is required in production. If the raw materials are scheduled to be consumed in production within 1 hour, a time based location directive would automatically issue a stock movement request to bring the stock straight to the correct production line, otherwise the stock would be directed to a storage location.

A further significant enhancement in LINKFRESH AX 2016 is the addition of Consignment Pooling, and Pooled Liquidations. LINKFRESH AX 2016 will calculate grower payback across configurable groupings of consignments to achieve weighted average payments.

This major release of the food industry specific ERP software was built in collaboration with LINKFRESH’s Partner, Cegeka and has brought together some of the latest and most powerful functionality yet seen in this critical market.

Commenting on the partnership, Sander van Oversteeg, Director Microsoft Business Solutions NL at Cegeka said, “The fresh produce market is developing quickly and it seems to evolve more rapidly as well. That is why we are so enthusiastic with the partnership with LINKFRESH. Thanks to this partnership we can offer our customers a full blown standard yet flexible solution tailored to the needs of the Fresh Produce market. With this solution, based on Microsoft Dynamics AX, our customers can streamline their operations and are able to focus on their business, for now and in the future.

“Our partnership with LINKFRESH gives us a unique position in the market and it is our ambition to become the number one implementation partner for midsized and large fresh produce organizations.”

Andy Makeham, Group CEO

Andy Makeham, Group CEO

Other LINKFRESH AX 2016 enhancements include:

  • Industry specific Catchweight functionality for food and fresh produce to enhance the standard catchweight functionality available in Microsoft Dynamics AX, taking into account the complexities of packaging weight.
  • A new Pallet Configurator to manage the entire pallet allocation, building and stacking process to optimise space in the warehouse, and to maximise On Time In Full (OTIF) deliveries.
  • Extension of GTIN and PTI features for product traceability legislation in the US
  • New features for Quality Control; such as time triggered tests and recurring tests
  • Time conflict management for highly automated processes.
  • The ability to transfer ownership of inventory to or from a 3rd party.
  • Additional features to help manage and automate the provision of Value Added Logistics activities, such as automated directives to wrap or unwrap a pallet if certain condition exist, or to automate exception management in the LINKFRESH mobile warehousing application.
  • An enhanced LINKFRESH Trading Board to support high speed order entry and rapid supply and demand management.
  • Enhanced end to end time-based supply chain management features.
  • New proactive Distribution Packaging Management features to track full vs empty pallets against planned production jobs, enabling users to proactively plan their requirements for distribution packaging. This feature also provides for the improved management of different packaging configurations.
  • Extended Business Intelligence reporting capabilities.
  • A new streamlined tabular user interface for the electronic capture of Quality Control data.
  • Enhanced Non-Conformance Management.
  • New Order Entry features; such as extended Commodity Pricing.
  • Overall optimisation of the user interface for the LINKFRESH Mobile Applications.
  • Further integration of LINKFRESH with the Standard Microsoft Dynamics AX “Wave” functionality to better accommodate high volume production environments.

Commenting on the new software release, LINKFRESH Group CEO Andy Makeham, said, “This is a significant and major software release and one which was developed in close collaboration with our Partners and Customers, further underlining our commitment to our LINKFRESH Partner Channel and to the fresh food industry. LINKFRESH is already known to be the natural choice for fresh produce and this release further illustrates our commitment to this highly specialized sector.”

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