LINKFRESH Customer Care

Our partnership with you continues after the successful implementation of your solution through our customer care program.



Our partnership continues after the successful implementation of your solution.

This program includes the following initiatives and benefits:

The Platinum Club

The Platinum Club is our Microsoft Dynamics Customer User Group. Platinum Club meetings are held annually. The objective of the Platinum Club is to provide a forum for feedback and knowledge transfer where customers and users can benefit by sharing experiences & leverage greater value from their Microsoft Dynamics investment.

The goals of the Platinum Club are as follows:

  • To allow clients to gain an insight into current and planned future Microsoft Dynamics developments.
  • To define additional areas of functionality in the system that would assist in maximising utilisation of the facilities.
  • To highlight any concerns on current service levels provided by LINKFRESH and to suggest future refinements that could lead to improved service offerings.
  • To gain an insight into how other clients gain maximum business benefit from their Microsoft Dynamics solution.
  • To gain awareness of other technology developments or changes that may impact on your overall system.


Free Customer Workshops

In addition to The Platinum Club, we offer four free of charge customer workshops throughout the year. These are “show and tell” sessions lead by experienced Microsoft Dynamics consultants and each workshop covers a specific area of the Microsoft Dynamics suite. Recent workshop topics have included: Reporting Tools, Warehouse Management, Basic & Advanced Financials and Inventory Costing.

Skilled Support Desk

We provide a support and maintenance service to all it’s customers. Our skilled support desk can provide telephone, remote and on site assistance when needed. To ensure that the support service delivered is relevant to you, the support consultants have access to a copy of your database together with all relevant documentation.

Joint Award Entries

We have won many International awards for our customer solutions. These awards provide a unique opportunity to share our successes within our industry and also to highlight the achievements of key personnel within our customer base.